WW1 Diaries, Worcestershire at War 1914 is a book that captures the remarkable events of 100 years ago that shaped the lives of our forefathers.

With contemporary pictures and reports from the Berrow’s Worcester Journal the book builds a comprehensive vision of how life in the county was changing as Britain geared up for total war.

The county was bigger then, stretching well into the Black Country. Eventually more than 10,000 men recruited to the Worcestershire Regiment would die in France, Belgium, Turkey, Egypt and other foreign fields.

At home the war was sewing the seeds of huge social change, from the demise of the great houses to the eventual emancipation of women.

WW1 Diaries recounts those changes through the words of those going through it, whether soldiers fighting in the front line or those on the home front.

It pays homage to the Fallen in a special Roll of Honour, and includes special coverage of the Worcestershire Regiment’s most famous feat of arms, the Battle of Gheluvelt.

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